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Quick relief soothing treatment for dry cracked noses & paws
Bow Wow Butter Balm 1.7oz
Bow Wow Butter Balm 1.7oz
Item#: buttr-balm

Product Description
Quick relief soothing treatment for dry cracked noses & paws Whether itís the salt covered streets of the frozen north or the arid tarmac of the southwest, dry cracked noses and paws are a fact of life for dogs around the country. This blissful balm will alleviate the discomfort with creamy Shea Butter and soothing aloe. The smooth balm also provides fast relief for eczema, hot spots and insect bites with good stuff like marshmallow, Indian frankincense, tea tree oil, burdock and comfrey. Donít worry, if your dog licks it off itís perfectly safe to ingest. (It's also great for your dry cuticles, elbows & dry patches!) Perfect for: Skin Irritations For the alleviation of fleabites, eczema, dry and itchy skin, rashes and other areas of discomfort.

Dry, cracked paws Apply to dry damaged paw pads to heal and conditioned. You may also apply BowWow Butter Balm as a preventative measure.

Dry noses Rub a little on your best friend's schnozz to keep it moist and delicious